Average Weather in Florida

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Select a link for the average weather, by month or year, in cities, towns and parks throughout Florida.

city humidity
January January January January
February February February February
March March March March
April April April April
May May May May
June June June June
July July July July
August August August August
September September September September
October October October October
November November November November
December December December December
Year Year Year Year

Average Florida Temperatures By Month

Summary of average temperatures in Florida for each month, including state-wide averages and the range of temperatures across the state.

Detailed temperature information for each month at:

Daytona Beach | Destin | Fernandina Beach

Fort Lauderdale | Fort Myers | Fort Pierce | Hollywood

Jacksonville | Jensen Beach | Key West | Marco Island

Miami | Miami Beach | Naples | Orlando

Palm Beach Gardens | Palm Coast | Panama City

Pensacola | Pompano Beach | St. Augustine

St. Petersburg | Sarasota | Tampa

Venice | Vero Beach | West Palm Beach

Miami Weather Averages

Climate information about temperature, rain, sun, humidity, wind and storms in Miami.

Weather averages for: Daytona Beach | Key West

Orlando | Tampa

Hot, Humid Weather in Florida

How often heat combines with humidity at cities in Florida to create uncomfortably muggy weather.

Florida Ocean Temperatures

Average ocean temperatures at beaches along Florida's Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

Spring | Summer | Fall | Winter

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