Florida's Ocean Temperatures in Spring

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The tables below give the monthly averages for ocean temperatures at Florida beaches in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius for March, April and May. The list of beaches runs from south to north along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The ocean is warm enough during spring at beaches in southern Florida for most people to enjoy swimming.

South along the coast, from Stuart Beach (located on the Atlantic between Fort Pierce and West Palm Beach) and from Naples on the Gulf side, the ocean averages at least 70 °F (21 °C) from March onwards.

Water temperatures climb steadily throughout spring, gaining as much as 15 °F (8 °C) between March and May. By May, the water is as warm as a heated swimming pool along the entire coast of Florida.

Key West and Miami tie for Florida's warmest water during March and April. In May, Naples catches up with those two hot spots.

The ocean's generally a few degrees warmer in spring on Florida's Gulf coast compared to the Atlantic Ocean.

Florida's average ocean temperature in °F
March April May
Atlantic Ocean  
Miami Beach 75 78 81
Stuart Beach 70 73 77
Daytona Beach 65 72 77
St Augustine Beach 61 70 76
Fernandina Beach 62 70 77
Gulf of Mexico  
Key West 75 78 82
Naples 71 77 82
St. Petersburg 68 74 80
Cedar Key 66 73 80
Pensacola 63 71 78
Average water temperature at Florida beaches in °C
March April May
Atlantic Ocean  
Miami Beach 24 26 27
Stuart Beach 21 23 25
Daytona Beach 18 22 25
St Augustine Beach 16 21 24
Fernandina Beach 17 21 25
Gulf of Mexico  
Key West 24 26 28
Naples 22 25 28
St. Petersburg 20 23 27
Cedar Key 19 23 27
Pensacola 17 22 26

These coastal water temperatures are averages compiled by the National Oceanographic Data Center. Actual ocean temperatures do vary from year to year depending upon the weather and the flow of ocean currents.

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