Winter Precipitation Averages for Every State

The map here shows how the amount of rain and snowfall per month in winter compares across the American states. Below the map are the data it's based on.

Plus there's a ranking of states in winter from wettest to driest.

State-wide averages of monthly precipitation in winter range from a high of 5.99 inches (152 millimetres) in Hawaii to a low of 0.46 inches (12 millimetres) in North Dakota. For the entire United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, the average amount of moisture falling as rain and snow is 2.18 inches (55 millimetres).

The precipitation totals are averages for the months of December, January and February. These are based on data collected by weather stations throughout each state during the years 1971 to 2000 and made available by the NOAA National Climatic Data Center of the United States.

Map of USA state average precipitation in winter

How much precipitation each state in the US gets on average in a month during winter is listed below in inches and millimeters. The states are also ranked from the wettest state in winter at number 1, to the driest state at number 50.

Average monthly precipitation for each state in winter.
State Inches Milli­metres Rank
Alabama 5.371363
Alaska 1.614136
Arizona 1.233137
Arkansas 3.9810110
California 3.799615
Colorado 0.772043
Connecticut 3.869813
Delaware 3.539017
Florida 3.178122
Georgia 4.551167
Hawaii 5.991521
Idaho 2.005132
Illinois 2.225631
Indiana 2.596628
Iowa 1.052739
Kansas 0.882241
Kentucky 3.9810110
Louisiana 5.331354
Maine 3.158024
Maryland 3.378619
Massachusetts 3.839714
Michigan 1.914933
Minnesota 0.761944
Mississippi 5.461392
Missouri 2.305830
State Inches Milli­metres Rank
Montana 0.731945
Nebraska 0.551448
Nevada 0.882241
New Hampshire 3.168023
New Jersey 3.539017
New Mexico 0.671746
New York 2.877326
North Carolina 3.9210012
North Dakota 0.461250
Ohio 2.566529
Oklahoma 1.754434
Oregon 3.679316
Pennsylvania 2.917425
Rhode Island 4.121058
South Carolina 4.071039
South Dakota 0.471249
Tennessee 4.721206
Texas 1.694335
Utah 0.952440
Vermont 2.857227
Virginia 3.308421
Washington 5.221335
West Virginia 3.338520
Wisconsin 1.183038
Wyoming 0.601547
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