Average Temperatures for California's Ocean Beaches

Average temperatures for the year at beaches, cities and parks along the Pacific Ocean in California are listed below. The tables give annual averages of daily maximum and minimum air temperatures for each location and, where available, the year's average ocean temperature.

You can jump to a separate table for each region of the state: Southern Coast, Los Angeles Area, Central Coast, San Francisco Area and Northern Coast.

Place name links take you to more detailed temperature information for that location.

Long Beach has the warmest average year round temperature along California's Pacific coast. Annual daily high temperatures for California beaches range from an average of 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) at Long Beach to 58 degrees F (14 °C) at Crescent City and Fort Bragg.

The coast's nighttime average low temperatures for the year range from as warm as 58 degrees F (14 °C) at San Diego to as cool as 42 degrees F (6 °C) at Klamath.

In the north, the year's ocean temperatures average 52 degrees F (11 °C), while in southern California the water is at least 10 degrees F (5 °C) warmer.

Southern California Coast

Average annual temperatures in °F
High Low Place Ocean
70 55 Imperial Beach
73 52 Laguna Beach
67 57 Newport Beach 64
66 54 Oceanside 62
70 58 San Diego 62
67 54 Santa Catalina Island 63

Los Angeles Area

Average annual temperatures in °F
High Low Place Ocean
66 54 Anacapa Island 60
74 55 Long Beach 63
69 53 Oxnard 59
66 57 Santa Monica 62

Central California Coast

Average annual temperatures in °F
High Low Place Ocean
72 49 Avila Beach 57
69 46 Big Sur State Park
68 49 Lompoc
62 48 Monterey 56
67 50 Morro Bay 56
64 50 Pismo Beach
68 48 Salinas
70 54 Santa Barbara 60

San Francisco Area

Average annual temperatures in °F
High Low Place Ocean
60 48 Bodega Bay 53
62 46 Half Moon Bay
65 52 Pacifica
60 50 San Francisco, Fort Funston 56
65 44 San Gregorio
70 48 Santa Cruz 56

Northern California Coast

Average annual temperatures in °F
High Low Place Ocean
58 46 Crescent City 54
60 46 Eureka 52
58 45 Fort Bragg 52
63 45 Fort Ross State Park 52
59 42 Klamath
63 49 Shelter Cove

The high and low air temperatures are normals for the years 1981 to 2010. Temperatures for the two places without climate normals, Anacapa Island, and Avila Beach are instead averages for the years that weather data were collected. Ocean temperatures are also averages of all the years with measurements.

Often the location of stations that measure weather and those that measure ocean water temperature don't match. For beaches with climate but no ocean data, a nearby location, where available, is used here. So the ocean temperature listed for San Diego is from La Jolla. Other substitutions are Los Angeles for Long Beach, Port Hueneme for Oxnard, Pacific Grove for Monterey, Fort Point for San Francisco, Trinidad for Eureka, and Mendocino for Fort Bragg.


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California Beach Temperatures
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