May Weather in Belgium:
Average Temperature, Rainfall, Sunshine and Humidity

The tables below list the normal May temperatures and rainfall for cities and towns in Belgium. There's also information on this month's average sunshine and humidity levels in Brussels.

The places here with weather data cover Belgium from north to south.

Ostend (also Oostende or Ostende) is a city on the Belgian coast, while Peer is in northeast Belgium. Brussels (Bruxelles, Brussel) is in central Belgium. Farther south lies the town of Saint Hubert. Virton is a town near the country's southern tip, on the French border.

The measures of temperature and precipitation are averages of data collected at weather stations from 1971 to 2000. The humidity and sunshine numbers are averages for 1981 to 2010.


Average May temperatures
High °F Low °F Place High °C Low °C
64 48 Brussels 18 9
60 46 Ostend 15 8
66 45 Peer 19 7
58 43 Saint Hubert 15 6
65 44 Virton 18 7


Average monthly precipitation in May
Days Place Inches Milli­metres
11 Brussels 2.7 70
10 Ostend 2.2 56
11 Peer 2.5 64
13 Saint Hubert 3.4 86
12 Virton 3.1 79

Sunshine — Brussels gets 191 hours of sunshine on average in May, equal to 6.2 sunny hours a day.

Humidity — Brussels has an average relative humidity in May of 73 percent.


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