American Cities With Most Uncomfortable Temperatures

Every major city in the United States enjoys many days each year with mild temperatures, but some cities less often than others. Here you'll find temperature data and rankings for the major cities in America that most often feel unpleasantly cold or uncomfortably hot.

These ratings use long-term temperature averages based on weather data collected from 1991 to 2020 for the US National Centers for Environmental Information. The major cities included in these weather rankings represent the 56 metropolitan areas in the United States with the most people, all those with over one million residents in 2020, according to the US Census Bureau.

Most Days With Unpleasant Temperatures

Less that comfortable temperatures are highs that fall outside the pleasant range of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Some cities like Miami are warmer, and commonly have days in the 80s or 90s. Others, like Minneapolis, spend most the time below 60. For people who like their weather either on the hotter or colder side, those cities are ideal. The 60 to 80 degree span though is for most people closer to a pleasant room temperature.

These 15 cities average more than 250 days, over two-thirds of a year, when the day's highest temperature falls outside the ideal range for comfort because it's either too hot or too cold.

Total days per year on average with a maximum temperature below 60 or above 80 °F (16 – 27 °C)
City Days
Honolulu, Hawaii 330
Miami, Florida 295
Salt Lake City, Utah 271
Orlando, Florida 265
Minneapolis, Minnesota 260
Chicago, Illinois 257
St. Louis, Missouri 256
Grand Rapids, Michigan 254
Tampa, Florida 254
Hartford, Connecticut 254
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 254
Detroit, Michigan 253
Kansas City, Missouri 252
Indianapolis, Indiana 252
Louisville, Kentucky 251

City links take you to more detailed information on temperatures for that location. You can also view a summary of temperature averages for all major US cities and city temperatures in recent years and a complete list of America's 56 largest urban centers.

Most Uncomfortable Nights

Low temperatures at nine US cities enter less than ideal territory for over one-third of the year. Most cities on this list have many nights that remain above 70 °F. For others, it's the number of nights dropping below freezing that put them on the list.

Average days per year with minimum temperature below 32 or above 70 °F (0 or 21 °C)
City Days a Year
Grand Rapids, Michigan 248
Tulsa, Oklahoma 240
Miami, Florida 226
Tampa, Florida 160
Minneapolis, Minnesota 157
Denver, Colorado 156
Orlando, Florida 149
Jacksonville, Florida 148
Houston, Texas 142
Phoenix, Arizona 140
New Orleans, Louisiana 139

Shortest Frost-Free Season

Major US cities with the shortest frost-free period can usually see frost from October to April. They average less than 200 consecutive days at year without frost. Just three major American cities have a frost-free period that's normally less than six months long.

Average length of frost-free season plus mean dates when the period with no frost begins and ends
City Days Last Frost First Frost
Denver, Colorado 156 Oct 8 May 4
Grand Rapids, Michigan 174 Oct 20 Apr 29
Hartford, Connecticut 177 Oct 16 Apr 21
Minneapolis, Minnesota 177 Oct 18 Apr 23
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 182 Oct 23 Apr 23
Rochester, New York 183 Oct 25 Apr 24
Buffalo, New York 184 Oct 26 Apr 24
Cincinnati, Ohio 189 Oct 25 Apr 18
Detroit, Michigan 189 Oct 27 Apr 20
Columbus, Ohio 191 Oct 27 Apr 18
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 192 Oct 29 Apr 19
Kansas City, Missouri 193 Oct 24 Apr 13
Indianapolis, Indiana 193 Oct 26 Apr 15
Cleveland, Ohio 196 Nov 3 Apr 20

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). Climate Normals.

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