June Weather in Jamaica

The tables below give the normal June temperatures and rainfall for cities and popular vacation spots in Jamaica. There's also information here on hurricanes, plus this month's average humidity and sunshine.

The measures of climate are averages of data collected at weather stations over several decades.

The weather stations sit near sea level, with one exception. Cinchona Botanical Gardens is in the Blue Mountains of eastern Jamaica, at an elevation of 1,493 metres (4,898 feet).


Average June temperatures in Jamaica
High °F Low °F Place High °C Low °C
90 76 Kingston 32 24
88 74 Montego Bay 31 23
84 75 Morant Point 29 24
87 71 Port Antonio 31 22
73 58 Cinchona Gardens 23 14


Average total precipitation in June
Days Place Inches Milli­metres
7 Kingston 2.9 74
10 Montego Bay 4.8 122
Morant Point 13.3 339
Port Antonio 5.9 151
9 Cinchona Gardens 5.6 141


Relative humidity (%) in June: morning and afternoon averages
Place am pm
Kingston 77 67
Morant Point 87 80
Port Antonio 87 78
Cinchona Gardens 84 83


Average hours of sun in June
Place Hours
Kingston 237
Port Antonio 210
Cinchona Gardens 138

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Although the Atlantic hurricane season has begun, no hurricanes or major tropical storms are expected to come near Jamaica in June.


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Temperature & Rainfall
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