Average September Humidity in Costa Rica

Average relative humidity levels during September are listed below for cities and towns in Costa Rica. The numbers here are based on weather data collected over many years.

Relative humidity measures the actual amount of moisture in the air as a percentage of the maximum amount of moisture the air can hold.

September relative humidity averages
Place Province %
Alajuela Alajuela 85
Barva Heredia 90
Buenos Aires Puntarenas 84
Cartago Cartago 89
Liberia Guanacaste 84
Limón Limón 84
Los Chiles Alajuela 88
Nicoya Guanacaste 87
Puntarenas Puntarenas 83
Quepos Puntarenas 87
Quesada Alajuela 92
San José San José 80
Upala Alajuela 86

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Costa Rica Humidity
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