Record-Setting Weather in South America

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The lowest temperature recorded in South America was -32.8 °C (-27 °F) in Sarmiento, Argentina on June 1, 1907.

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South America's record high temperature of 48.9 °C (120 °F) was reached in Rivadavia, Argentina on December 11, 1905.

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The recognized record for South America's rainiest place is Quibdo, Colombia, which on average receives 8,990 millimetres (354 inches) of precipication annually. Unofficially, though, it's believed that Lloro, Colombia is much wetter, where it's estimated an average 3,300 millimetres (523.6 inches) of rain falls each year.

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In Bahia Felix, Chile, rain falls on more days than anywhere else in the world. It rains there an average of 325 days a year.

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With just 0.76 millimetres (0.03 inches) of precipitation falling a year, on average, Arica in Chile is the driest place on earth. For over 14 years, from October 1903 to January 1918, Arica had the longest period without rain ever recorded, a drought of 173 months.

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