Record-Setting Weather in Europe

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Cold Weather iconColdest Place

While the lowest temperature ever measured in Europe was -55 C (-67 F) in Ust'Shchugor, Russia, the event's date was never recorded.

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Hot Weather iconHottest Spot

The temperature reached 48 C (118.4 F) in both Athens and Elefsina, Greece on July 10, 1977, setting the official European record high. There's also an unofficial record of the temperature climbing to 50 C (122 F) in Seville, Spain on August 4, 1881.

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Rainy Weather iconWettest Location

Europe's wettest place is Crkvica in Bosnia-Hercegovina, which receives an average 4,648 millimetres (183 inches) of precipitation a year.

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The world record for the most rain in 20 minutes is 206 millimetres (8.1 inches) that fell at Curtea-de-Arges, Romania on July 7, 1889.

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Dry Weather iconDriest Place

Just 162.6 millimetres (6.4 inches) of precipitation falls a year on average in Astrakhan, Russia, making it the driest place in Europe.

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