August Weather Averages for The Bahamas

The tables below list the typical August temperatures (in degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius) and rainfall (in total days, inches and millimetres) for cities and islands in The Bahamas.

The locations represent the climate across the country. Freeport is at the north end of the archipelago, while Nassau is more central.

Matthew Town lies at the southeast corner of the country where the weather is much less rainy during August.

There's also information here on the likelihoods of named tropical storms and hurricanes approaching The Bahamas this month.

These measures of temperature and precipitation are historical averages based on data collected at weather stations from 1971 to 2000.


Average August temperatures
High °F Low °F Island Place High °C Low °C
90 75 Grand Bahama Freeport 32 24
90 75 New Provi­dence Nassau 32 24
91 76 Great Inagua Matthew Town 33 24


Average monthly precipitation in August
Days Island Place Inches Milli­metres
19 Grand Bahama Freeport 8.2 208
19 New Provi­dence Nassau 9.3 236
5 Great Inagua Matthew Town 1.9 50

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

The chances of a named tropical storm approaching within 100 miles (165 km) during August ranges from 12 percent for the northern Bahamas to 4 percent for the southeastern islands.

There's a 4 percent probability that a hurricane comes that close to the northern islands, and a 2 percent likelihood of a major category 3 to 5 hurricane reaching the area.

For the southern Bahamas, the chance of a hurricane approaching in August is 2 percent, and 1 percent for major hurricanes.


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