April Sunshine Averages in Costa Rica

The table below gives April averages how much sun cities and towns in Costa Rica receive. Listed for each place are the average number of hours of bright sun daily, plus the total amount of bright sun this month.

The sunshine numbers are averages based on weather data collected over many years.

Average hours of bright sunshine in April
Place Province Day Month
Alajuela Alajuela 8.0 240
Barva Alajuela 7.8 234
Buenos Aires Puntarenas 5.9 177
Cañas Guanacaste 8.5 255
Liberia Guanacaste 8.9 267
Limón Limón 5.7 171
Nicoya Guanacaste 8.1 243
Puntarenas Puntarenas 8.3 249
Quepos Puntarenas 7.1 213
San José San José 7.0 210
Turrialba Cartago 5.1 153
Upala Alajuela 6.2 186

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Costa Rica Sunshine
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