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Arctic ice

Climate Change

Thoreau Waited Longer for Spring to Arrive

Scientists have compared their own recent observations of when Massachusetts plants start flowering in spring with the records Henry David Thoreau made 150 years ago.

Arctic Ice Dynamics Destabilizing

Global warming has broken down the relationship between Arctic climate patterns and fluctuations in the volume of Arctic ice.

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whitebark pine trees - Paul Bolsted, Bugwood


Why Tree Ranges are Different Sizes

Scientists have uncovered the overriding principles that govern why some tree species are confined to a narrow range of latitudes while others thrive across a continent.

Warm Climate Opens Boreal Forest to Pine Beetles

Temperatures in boreal forests extending across Canada will soon be warm enough to accommodate mountain pine beetles.

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Anacapa Island, California

Invasive Species

Islands Rescued From Invasive Rats

Huge gains have been made over the last twenty years in stopping invasive rats and mice from destroying island biodiversity.

Aquarium Fish Poised to Invade Lakes

People dumping their pet fish into local waterways could introduce yet another exotic species into the Great Lakes watershed.

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Hurricane Katrina - NOAA

Natural Hazards

What Are the Odds You'll Get Struck By Lightning?

The chances of getting killed by lightning in Canada are generally less than one in a million. But some people's odds of encountering a deadly strike are much higher than average.

Scientists Assess Tsunami Damage

Studies of environmental damage left behind by the massive December 2004 tsunami find widespread destruction in India, both above and below ground.

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Atlantic puffin - Aconcagua


Sharks, Seabass Rebound After Fishing Banned

Big fish have returned to California's southern coast following a 15-year ban on gill net fishing.

Oceans Gaining Ground at Unusually Rapid Rate

Global warming has recently accelerated the pace of rising sea water.

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